はじめまして! I'm Syafiq Kamarul Azman and here's a bit about me: I am currently (2018-present) a Research Engineer at Khalifa University, UAE under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Henschel on a bioinformatics project. I was previously working under the supervision of Dr. Wei Lee Woon on an aeropsace engineering project, and also Prof. Khaled Elbassioni on a power engineering project. I enjoy learning and speaking about machine learning, anything to do with data, hacking cool visualizations and neural nets, trying to solve AI control problems, things of that nature. I implement ML/DL into exciting research projects for my day job.

My background is a BSc (with Honors) in Software Engineering from The University of Nottingham (2014) under the supervision of Dr. Tomas Maul developing a transparent academic publishing platform. I have also completed my MSc in Computing and Information Science from Khalifa University (2017) under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Henschel developing a microbiome search engine in Python and analyzing biofouling patterns in seawater desalination.

Social media

Twitter: @syaffers

Github: github.com/syaffers

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/syafiqkamarulazman

Google Scholar: Syafiq Kamarul Azman



Graph (and other) visualizations of the LuaRocks package manager. [Web page]

Testing out tensorflow.js. [Web page]


The Assembly Palette Transfer Talk

🎬 Presentation slides. [PPTX file]

📹 Livestream video. [YouTube recorded livestream]

📔 Palette transfer notebook. [Google Colab]

The Assembly Transfer Learning Talk

🎬 Presentation slides. [Google slides]

📹 Livestream video. [YouTube recorded livestream]

📔 Transfer learning: machine learning notebook. [Google Colab]

📔 Transfer learning: deep model fine-tuning notebook. [Google Colab]

For datasets related to this talk, see the Datasets section for the curated UCSD Birds 200 dataset.

The Assembly Neural Name Generator Talk

🎬 Presentation slides. [Google slides]

📹 Livestream video. [The Assembly Facebook page]

For code related to this talk, see the Works section for the Elder Scrolls neural name generator code.

For datasets related to this talk, see the Datasets section for the Elder Scrolls names dataset.

GDG DevFest 2018 GANs Talk

📔 Pokemon GAN notebook. [Google Colab]

🎁 Bonus content: tracking a GAN as it learns. [Twitter post]

🎬 Presentation slides. [Google slides]

📰 Interview article. [Article page]

For datasets related to this talk, see the Datasets section for the Pokemon and banknote images datasets.

GDGAD Colab Talk

📔 Playground notebook. [Google Colab]

🎬 Presentation slides. [Google slides]

KCH StackSchool Talk

📔 Machine learning starter template Jupyter Notebook. [IPYNB file]

📔 Machine learning completed Jupyter Notebook. [IPYNB file]

🎬 Presentation slides. [Google slides]

For datasets related to this talk, see the Datasets section for the SMS spam dataset and the wine quality datasets.


IEEE 9-Bus time-domain simulations. [NumPy matrices, TAR Gzipped]

Segmented Caltech UCSD Birds 200 dataset. (source) [Images, Zipped]

Pokemon images dataset, no Unowns. [Images, TAR Gzipped]

Banknote images dataset. [Images, TAR Gzipped]

The Elder Scrolls character first names organized by race and gender. [Raw text, TAR Gzipped]

SMS spam/ham dataset, feature extracted. (source) [.csv format]

Wine quality dataset re-curated. (source) [.csv format]

Wine quality dataset re-curated, with red wine and white wine labels. (source) [.csv format]

Souq.com product images and labels (8 classes, imbalanced dataset). [.npz format]

Obama speeches word2vec model and raw text. (source) [gensim word2vec model] [Raw text, TAR Gzipped]


CNN paper thumbnail image

A Unified Online Deep Learning Prediction Model for Small Signal and Transient Stability
S. K. Azman, Y. J. Isbeih, M. S. El Moursi, K. Elbassioni
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
[IEEE Xplore]

Visibiome thumbnail image

Multisensor Adaptive Control System for IoT-Empowered Smart Lighting with Oblivious Mobile Sensors
A. Karapetyan, S. C. K. Chau, K. Elbassioni, S. K. Azman, M. Khonji
ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks
[ACM Digital Library] [ResearchGate (working title)]

Visibiome thumbnail image

Visibiome: an efficient microbiome search engine based on a scalable, distributed architecture
S. K. Azman, M. Z. Anwar, A. Henschel
BMC Bioinformatics
[Website (currently down)] [BioMedCentral] [Source code]

Privacy DR thumbnail image

Assessing the privacy cost in centralized event-based demand response for microgrids
A. Karapetyan, S. K. Azman, Z. Aung
2017 IEEE Trustcom/BigDataSE/ICESS (Conference paper)
[arXiv] [IEEE Xplore]

Sabkha thumbnail image

From “Who?” to “Where?”: Determining specialization of microbial community constituents through Ecosystem distribution entropy
A. Henschel, A. Wan, A. Martin-Platero, A. Alsheikh-Hussain, L. Yousef, S. K. Azman
Ecological Genetics and Genomics (Under review)
[PeerJ PrePrint (working title)]

Github Diversity thumbnail image

An empirical study of contributors diversity and software quality in GitHub projects
S. K. Azman, K. Aldhaheri
UAE GSRC 2016 (Conference paper, not published)